Tech Stocks in the News: AITX, SWISF, SUIC, BLQC

The tech sector has almost always been on the radars of investors due to the simple reason that many of the companies in the sector come up with highly innovative products which can change the fortunes of investors overnight.

Some of the biggest tech companies at this point started with innovative ideas and then turned their investors into millionaires over the long term. Hence, the interest in the sector will always remain. This article looks into a range of tech stocks that have been in the news lately and hence could be of interest to investors.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc (OTC:AITX) – The first tech company that you could look into at this point is Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc, which, as the name suggests is involved in the fast-growing artificial intelligence space. The stock is on the radars of investors this morning and has managed to clock gains of as much as 6.14% amidst heavy trading volume.

There has been no news about Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions this morning but back last Friday, the company had announced that it had released its first television advertisement. It was going to be a national campaign but meant for a limited audience. The advertisement focussed on the company’s position as a leader in the industry and also provides a glimpse into the RAD Light My Way product.

Sekur Private Data Ltd  (CSE:SKUR) (OTCQX:SWISF) – The next tech company that made it to the news cycle recently was Sekur Private Data Ltd. The company was in focus among investors yesterday after it announced the launch of a new feature and saw its stock soar by as much as 10.48% for the day. The feature in question that the company introduced was ‘chat by invites’.

This new feature is going to allow any user on Sekur to invite non-Sekur users to the platform and have the opportunity to chat securely as well as privately. The feature is powered by the Swiss hosted platform and technology which are proprietary assets of Sekur. Considering the sort of action that was seen in the Sekur stock yesterday, it is going to be fairly interesting to see if the stock can manage to add to its gains in the coming days.

Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd (OTC:SUIC) – The next one on the list is Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd, which is involved in the financial technology sector and had come into focus among investors yesterday following a key development. The stock experienced sustained action throughout the day and ended up with gains of 4.17% for the day. Yesterday it emerged that the company had been the host of a Wall Street strategic conference lunch.

The luncheon had proven to be a successful one as the company hosted thirteen of the more well-known money managers on Wall Street. In addition to that, a director at Sino United Worldwide Consolidated also made a presentation with regard to Beneway and Midas Touch, two of the fintech ecosystems created by the company. The company announced yesterday that the response from some of the venture capitalists at the luncheon was overwhelmingly positive with regard to the two fintech ecosystems.

BlockQuarry  (OTC:BLQC) – Last but certainly not least it was BlockQuarry Corp which had come into focus among investors after the company sent out a tweet with regards to its financial performance. In the tweet, the company announced that it had published its financial results for the latest fiscal quarter and the numbers broke previous records.

It was perhaps no surprise that the Bitcoin technology company saw its stock soar by as much as 30.7% for the day on Tuesday. In addition to that, BlockQuarry also noted in the tweet that it expected the performance to continue in the upcoming quarter. It may be a stock that could be worth adding to your watch lists at this point in time.