Top 5 Penny Stocks Poised To Pop: WHSI, CNZI, REOS, IPSI, IGPK

The market may not be in great shape now but investors continue to be interested in penny stocks nonetheless. These are stocks that are generally available for less than $5 a share and hence, it is possible for investors to buy a large number of shares for a relatively small outlay. If those stocks move then it could lead to enormous gains for investors and therein lies the appeal of penny stocks. This article is going to give you a glimpse into the top 5 penny stocks that could pop any time soon.

#1 WHSI Soars 66% In a Week

Wearable Health Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:WHSI) – The first penny stock that makes the list is that of Wearable Health Solutions Inc, which has, in fact, emerged as one of the major movers in this category over the course of the past week. It has outperformed the market in a big way during the period and managed to bring in gains of as much as 66%.

Markets believe that the stock may go further higher in the coming days and the reason behind it is the fact that there are certain value drivers that have possibly been recognized by investors. Although it is a small company, it is involved in a highly innovative industry, the advanced wearing medical devices industry, and hence, there could be room for considerable growth in the future.

In addition to that, the company has actually been able to come up with products that could turn it into a major player in its industry. There is a belief among analysts that the products that Wearable Health Solutions has produced could potentially turn the company into a growth machine and that is possibly the reason behind the excitement about the stock.

Many companies in the sector are still working on products that could be effective but Wearable Health Solutions has already managed to get its products in a market that could be worth a staggering $960 billion by 2030. There are significant possibilities for Wearable Health Solutions Inc and that is almost certainly the reason that investors have piled on to it. It may be a good time to add the Wearable Health Solutions stock to your watch lists.

#2 REOS Extends Rally, Surges 65% In a Week

ReoStar Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:REOS) – The second penny stock which could potentially prove to be a mover in the coming days is the ReoStar Energy Corporation stock. It has been in the middle of a significant rally over the course of the past days and it continued yesterday, as it ended the day with gains of 13%. That took the gains made by the stock in the past week to 65%.

However, there has been no news that may have caused this rally. The company is involved in aggregating the existing oil production from proven fields and then maximizing revenues. In addition to that, it ought to be noted that ReoStar also wants to be a net carbon zero company by 2050 and put the necessary protocols in place.

#3 IPSI up 30% in a week and 130% in a Month

Innovative Payment Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:IPSI) – If you are looking for penny stock options in the payments space then Innovative Payment Solutions Inc could well be the stock to look into. There has not been any news about the company in recent times but over the past week the stock has soared by 30% and that took the cumulative gains made over the course of the past month to as much as 130%.

However, back on April 4 this year the company had announced that after the much-needed approval from VISA it was going to have the second phase launch of its App IPSIPay. That was a major new announcement and one that may have resulted in excitement among investors.

#4 IGPK Rallies 47% in a Week

Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:IGPK) – In the past week, investors have piled on to the Integrated Cannabis Solutions Inc stock in a big way and sent soaring by as much as 47% as a consequence. Despite the rally, it cannot be ignored that there has been no news at all about the company in the past week.

The company is involved in the processing and growing of biomass or hemp and its operations are based out of the United States. It seeks to sell processed mass in the form of CBD to manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical companies which are involved in the sector. To that end, Integrated Cannabis is looking to establish a cooperative with local farmers so that it has a consistent supply of biomass.

#5 CZNI Moves up 50% in a Week

Cruzani Inc (OTCMKTS:CZNI) – Last but certainly not least, it is the Cruzani Inc stock that could well be the one to add to your watch list considering the fact that it has managed to clock gains of as much as 50% in the past week.

Although there has been no news, the rally has been significant. At this point, its business operations are not significant either but in the past, the company had been involved in the building and representation of franchise concepts.