Companies with Emerging Technologies, Capable of Changing the Status Quo: SWISF, SFOR, AITX, MMMW

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One of the things that ought to be always kept in mind with regards to the technology sector is that it is dynamic and sometimes there are companies that come along and change the very face of industries. Such companies can have the sort of disruptive effect that can create monopolies and eventually lead to windfalls for investors. There are some companies in the tech sector that could potentially turn out to be such entities and this article is going to give you a glimpse into four such companies. Here is a look at those.

Sekur Private Data (OTC:SWISF) – The cybersecurity industry is all set to grow at a rapid pace as the world becomes more and more connected and one of the companies which has managed to do some interesting work in the field is Sekur Private Data Ltd.

As it happens, the company may come into focus today considering the fact that its Chief Executive Officer Alain Ghiai is going to be featured on the show News On The Street later on tonight at 10-30 in the night Pacific Time. In addition to that, it ought to be noted that last month it had introduced a ‘Chat By Invite’ feature for its platform that allowed Sekur users to invite non-Sekur users to the platform in order to have a secure and private chat.

StrikeForce Technologies Inc (OTC:SFOR) – There has not been any news about StrikeForce Technologies Inc in the past few week but the company’s stock has managed to clock significant gains of as much as 30% during the period.

However, back on June 1, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Mark Kay, went to The Stock Day Podcast and spoke at length about the company’s strategies and prospects. He started off the chat by speaking at length about the background of StrikeForce Technologies and then went on to speak about the projects in which the company was involved. Attendance at such popular podcast shows can often prove to be highly important for a company since it offers a platform from which the CEO can provide vital information about the company’s work.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc (OTC:AITX) – Anyone who is currently looking into a disruptive option in the artificial intelligence space could do well to consider taking a look at the Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc stock. The company announced today that its fully owned subsidiary unit Robotic Assistance Devices Inc was in the process of shooting the third film and a solitary television series.

It is important to note that the products from Robotic Assistance Devices have been highly sought after by film crews, film directors, and showrunners for television due to the appearance of the aforementioned devices. Although the company noted that it had not made any payments for these product placements, it should be noted that such developments can lead to considerable publicity.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTC:MMMW) – Lastly, it is the Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc that could be worth looking into if you are looking into renewable energy stocks. Last month the company had announced that it had become a fully reporting the United States Securities and Exchange Commission company.

The periodic report would need to be filed from July 7 this year. It is expected to lead to higher transparency and higher investor confidence as a consequence. 

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