Undervalued Stocks w/ $1+ Multiple Potential: KAVL, IPA.V / IPA, PBIO, BHAT, SFET

When it comes to consistent stock market success, it is absolutely necessary for investors to buy when the market might not have clocked on to the real value of a stock. In other words, it is imperative for investors to discover undervalued stocks if they are to make long-term wealth.

However, that is an exercise that takes a lot of research since the market does not stay unaware of an undervalued opportunity for long. Here is a look at some stocks which may be regarded as undervalued at this point in time.

Kaival Brands (NASDAQ:KAVL) – If you are currently on the lookout for undervalued stocks then it might be remiss not to look into the Kaival Brands stock. Over the course of the past month, the stock has been in the middle of a massive rally and managed to clock gains of as much as 110% as a consequence.

One of the biggest positive triggers for the stock came earlier on in the month when it was announced that the vape company had signed up for a development deal with tobacco behemoth Philip Morris. By way of this significant deal, Kaival Brands will be involved in manufacturing electronic nicotine products for Philip Morris. However, it should be noted that the products are going to be for the overseas market and not the United States.

Even then, it is a massive deal considering the sheer reach of Philip Morris and the excitement among investors is completely understandable. Kaival Brands is a relatively small outfit based out of Florida and this deal brings it into business with a giant in the industry. These deals deal can often catapult companies of this size into the previously unseen territory and hence, it could be said that stock may still be undervalued.

Pressure BioSciences (OTCMKTS:PBIO) – The next one to look into the Pressure BioSciences Inc stock, which has been on the radars of many investors latterly. The company is involved in developing pressure-based instruments that can be deployed across a range of industries.

The company is currently working on bringing its Ultra Shear Technology platform to the market and earlier on in the month a paper from the Ohio State University pointed out the merits of the technology. It was a major new development for the company and was another shot in the arm for its technology that may prove to be pivotal for the company’s growth.

Safe-T Group Ltd (NASDAQ:SFET) – The cybersecurity industry is all set to grow in the coming years as more of the world becomes connected through the internet. Hence, it may be a good move to start looking into such stock, and one company that you could consider tracking is Safe-T Group Ltd.

Earlier on this month, the company came into the news cycle on June 6 when it provided some highlights from the Consumer Online Scam Report that had been prepared by CyberKick. It is a unit of Safe-T Group that is involved in cybersecurity and privacy for consumers.

Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology (NASDAQ:BHAT) – This morning the Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology stock continued on its merry ways as it rallied by 20% and took its gains for the past week to as much as 175%.

The company is involved in the augmented reality space across a range of niches in China. The stock rallied yesterday after it announced that it had decided not to move ahead with the underwritten public offering that it had announced previously. It now remains to be seen if the stock can continue to rally today.

Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd (CVE:IPA) (NASDAQ:IPA) – Last but certainly not least, it is IPA that may be looked into a bit more interest by investors at this point in time. There has been no news about the company for quite some time but back on May 9, the company had made a major announcement with regards to its Belgian multi-omics analysis platform provider subsidiary Biostrand.

It was announced that Biostrand had won a grant to the tune of as much as 460,000 Euros from the research fund of the local Flemish government in Belgium named VLAIO.