Software Effective Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:SFWJ) Releases Shareholders Update; Announces Qualified Tier 1 – Form 1A Registration Statement

This morning many companies have already come into the news cycle and investors are expected to take an interest in those companies when trading begins. One of those is the company Software Effective Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:SFWJ) which came into the news cycle after it issued a corporate update this morning.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company Gabriel Diaz spoke about the situation. He noted that the management had been working with diligence over the past weeks with regard to making all corporate information, disclosures, filings, and financials up to date. Additionally, a Form 1-A Offering Statement had also been filed by the firm.

Diaz went on to add that he was pleased with the sort of progress that had been made by Software Effective and also for the fact that the company had managed to qualify for the offering. The company, along with its subsidiary Medcana Inc, is based out of the United States and involved in the cannabis space.

It has managed to strike up worldwide partnerships as well as product pipelines for the purpose of supplying to the global pharmaceutical industry. The company noted that such an operation was a major example of the sort of cannabis production that is going to be ushered in.

Key Quote

“The Company and management team have been working very diligently over the last several weeks to ensure all the filings, disclosures, financials, and corporate information are up-to-date and have filed a Form 1-A Offering Statement. We are pleased with the progress and are pleased to be qualified and approved on our offering,” stated Gabriel Diaz, CEO of Software Effective Solutions, Inc.