Big Screen Entertainment Group (OTC:BSEG)  Diversifies Movie Portfolio with Acquisition of Kateland and the Clown

This morning, investors are going to rush to the markets to track the stocks of those companies that may have made major announcements on Wednesday. One such company could well be Big Screen Entertainment Group Inc. (OTC:BSEG). Yesterday, it emerged that the company had been successful in securing the rights to the screenplay of the widely praised film ‘Kateland and the Clown’. It was also noted that the company would also collaborate with the creator of the screenplay, Ronnie Khalil, in its quest to enliven the dark comedy genre.

It should be noted that the company had already collaborated successfully with Khalil for the film ‘You Can’t Kill Stephen King’. Big Screen Entertainment Group stated that it was excited to embark on the new venture. The movie is based on the life of an ostracized high school girl who goes on to form an unlikely friendship with a children’s birthday party clown. Together, they seek revenge against all those who have wronged them. The Black List, one of the better-known platforms for recognizing screenplays, had evaluated the screenplay favorably and noted that the dark screenplay was impressive, with a poignant narrative and compelling character.

The central message of the storyline is against bullying, and Big Screen Entertainment Group noted that it resonated with the company’s views. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Kimberley Kates, spoke about the latest developments as well. She noted that the film not only provided a compelling narrative but was also peppered with a lot of strong commentary about the scourge of bullying among teenagers. Kates went on to note that the screenplay had the sort of socially relevant messaging that was in alignment with the kind of content that Big Screen Entertainment Group sought to promote as a production and distribution company.