World’s Debut 35,000-nit HRD Green OLED Microdisplay Produced Courtesy Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN)

Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN), a company that is regarded as one of the leading developers and provider of high-resolution micro-displays, display subassemblies, and systems, has in a statement made an official announcement that it has successfully produced what is called high-dynamic-range (HDR), green Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) microdisplay on silicon. The company is involved in developing and producing high-resolution microdisplays, display subassemblies, and systems used in various sectors, including defense, enterprise, industrial, consumer, and medical products. According to the company, the new production is designed for applications that depend on high-performance Augmented Reality (AR). 

The company has confirmed that the super-bright HDR 1″-diagonal SXGA, which comes with a resolution of 1280 x 1024, OLED microdisplay is presently in the development stage. A team of experts is involved in the process of measuring performance data on initial engineering samples. The company has joined hands with one of its leading customers to develop this new HDR OLED microdisplay. 

Commenting on the new creation, a source from Kopin went on record to state that the performance levels of the OLED microdisplays are something that has never been achieved before. This is something that the source regards as a major milestone regarding the development of displays targeted for emerging AR and VR applications. The source added that the team of experts at the company is working towards achieving higher brightness approaching 100,000 nits. 

Commenting on the new product, another source from the company went on to add that, with the creation of the respective product, this is indeed for the first time that luminance levels of present LCDs used in high-brightness AR applications have touched new luminance levels, thanks to the OLED microdisplays. The source added that with the latest creation courtesy Kopin, attempting to achieve new displays offers 14-bit HDR operation in either OLED or LCD microdisplays, something that has never been achieved in either OLED or LCD microdisplays. The company is confident that the respective displays, which represent a major part of high-performance AR/VR display technology platforms, will go a long way in enhancing the company’s position in the market in the segment of advanced display products.