POSTD Merchant Banque (OTCMKTS: PMBY) Acquires Controlling Stake In Banco PyME

POSTD Merchant Banque (OTCMKTS: PMBY) has announced the acquisition of a controlling stake in Banco PyME de la Comunidad SA.  Banco PyME deals with Trusts, Funds as well as other commercial services and financial instruments. 

Currently, Banco has more than 400 employees with branches and offices in various cities across Bolivia, including Cochabamba, La Paz, Pando, Beni, Oruro, Taija, Chuquisaca, and Potosi. 

PMB to integrate its US and Bolivian operations with Banco PyME

With the acquisition, POSTD Merchant Banque has achieved great synergy. The company will incorporate Banco PuME into its operations as a licensed bank to commence extensive banking operations internationally. Combining these two banks will enable PMB to ramp up its operations in the US and establish itself as a reputable player in the banking sector. 

Most importantly, PMB-Banco PyME will pursue different projects to ensure the bank grows as it targets enhancements to the human state on an international scale. In the near term, the company focuses on integrating the Bolivian and US operations, enabling it to successfully attain strategic objectives and goals. 

PMB appoints new COO

Recently, the company announced the appointment of Jon Masli as the Chief Operating Officer and President of the company. Masli has worked as a corporate advisor in the capital markets for almost three decades. His specialties include bind funding, corporate equity, Mergers & Acquisitions through strategic partnerships and go public, and business development. He resides in southern California and frequently travels to maintain most of his corporate advisory roles in Indonesia. 

He had been instrumental over his career, and he successfully helped 13 companies list in the Indonesian Stock Exchange. In addition, he has served over 60 blue chip companies globally.