NEO Battery Materials Ltd (OTCMKTS: NBMFF) Delivers Silicon Terminal Example Update

NEO Battery Materials Ltd (OTCMKTS: NBMFF) has announced that with the fruitful incorporation of NEO’s silicon (Si) know-how in commercial graphite terminals, the company is on track to mature its first model of the silicon terminal material.

 “We are presently in the practice of deliberately placing NEO on an augmented route to commercialization,” commented Spencer Huh, President and CEO of NEO. 

NEO to offer graphite/Si combination terminal materials

In stage one, NEO will offer graphite/Si combination terminal materials with different NEO’s Si content levels for a manageable terminal-specific volume. NEO has lately attained ~500 mAh/g, a 70% volume improvement than commercial graphite terminals. 

NEO has begun to frame its silicon terminals on a reactor to model and feign the connecting, single-step procedure. This stage is essential for extensive scale engineering along with the viability study and preliminary project enterprise. The company will be moving forward to test its silicon terminals over whole pouch cells. It will endure to assess and advance the materials through third-party research laboratory examinations and authentications.

Solid-State Electrolyte Examination Enterprise

The company will begin analyzing and revising NEO’s silicon terminal materials with sulfide-based solid-state electrolytes to permit compatibility and working performance with solid-state batteries as the latest inventiveness. NEO believes that incorporating solid-state battery know-how is core as the business faces a solid-state changeover due to price, run-time, sturdiness, and security.

As specified, NEO’s know-how has gained consideration from parties in the battery materials and metals business. Over the past three months, the company has signed 11 NDAs, which comprise solid-state electrolyte (SSE) designer, battery cell, materials and metals designers and manufacturers, and financial counseling firms. 

NEO is currently in procedural deliberations and will update punctually if any progress is attained with the respective parties. There are no obligatory or conclusive contracts with these parties, and due to the competitive nature of the business, all parties will remain private. 

With Korea Metal Silicon Co., NEO is in the process of deliberating and trying to assimilate each party’s knowledge to travel collaborations within the silicon dust and terminal manufacturing process.