New World Gold Corp (OTCMKTS: NWGC) Purchases a Mining Claim

New World Gold Corp (OTCMKTS: NWGC) has purchased a mining claim in the southwest area of South Dakota.

Bought property is on Federal Land

The company has purchased the claim located on Federal land. Its Mineral Rights would be licensed to its wholly-owned subsidiary Rock Creek Mining & Exploration Co. Burgex Mining Consultants have been engaged to initiate soil selection in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, Burgex would be used to hazard and record its rights, Airborne Examinations, and XRF Interpretations for future investigative samples.

Bob Honigford, CEO of New World Gold Corporation, commented on the acquisition, “South Dakota has vibrant past for searching for valuable metals and has over 50,000 claims on Federal and state owned land. We are happy that we have selected the state for our first expansion.” 

The company provides shareholders an update after 5 years

The company provided its first update to its shareholders after five years. In addition, the company was recently reinstated by the Secretary of State of Florida, permitting it to partake in new business and involve its Transfer Agent vigorously. 

The company has begun buying new mining possessions throughout the United States. Its first buyout has been its wholly-owned Subsidiary, Rock Creek Mining & Exploration Co (RCM). The new subsidiary owns mineral privileges to an 80 Acre Placer Claim in Fremont County, Wyoming. The site is southeast of Miner’s Delight Wyoming and within nearness to South Pass Wyoming.

New World Gold Corporation is also targeting to purchase a 315 Acre Parcel for trade-in Silver Springs, Nevada. The property has substantial value for upcoming mining growth, not only because of the Clay Rich Minerals innate to the area but also to its topographical position.