PAR Technology Corporation’s (NYSE: PAR) Subsidiary, ParTech, Integrates OneDataSource to Brink POS Integration Ecosystem

PAR Technology Corporation’s (NYSE: PAR) wholly-owned subsidiary ParTech Inc. has announced expanding its Brink POS integration ecosystem by adding OneDataSource. 

OneDataSource a single data access and analytics platform 

OneDataSource is a multi-unit and multi-brand business analytics platform for operators with 15 or more locations. With their solutions, operators see data for every outlet in their network, including across brands.

The data platform has been assisting restaurants with automatic access, essential reports, performance reporting, accounting and payroll, and data aggregation for over 20 years. As a result, managers, operators, and staff can all work from the same page while making quick choices based on real-time data if they have access.

Bruce Belvin, Founder and President OneDataSource said, “Brink POS is an incredibly respected and well-adopted product in the QSR ecosystem. As a connector of data coming from disparate POS, BOH, and third-party systems, it’s only natural that we would support all the iconic and emerging brands using Brink POS. Ultimately, this integration opens up a tremendous opportunity for QSR operators to more easily create a single source of truth for their datasets – enabling more confident decision-making and better business outcomes.”

OneDataSource can save entry expenses up to 70%

OneDataSource’s technology can lower data entry expenses by up to 70% and minimize errors by double digits. Therefore restaurants can keep their data up to date and scale swiftly without wasting resources.

ParTech Director of Strategic Partnerships Chad Horn said, “We’re pleased to have OneDataSource join the Brink POS family. It can sometimes be difficult for operators to keep track of multiple locations across several brands. Being able to compile data from different sources, the capability to make sense of it quickly, and present it in a way that makes decision-making easy is important, especially when those decisions impact the bottom line.”