AptarGroup Inc. (NYSE: ATR) Signs Strategic Collaboration Agreement With YAT On Skincare Products

AptarGroup Inc. (NYSE: ATR) and YAT have entered a strategic partnership to develop an innovative variety of skincare products and services. The consumer product dispensing, drug delivery, and active science material will collaborate with YAT, which is a science-driven skincare solutions provider, to bring products into the skincare market. 

Aptar partners with YAT

YAT will combine its unique product design, concept development, and consumer-centric abilities with Aptar’s innovative dispensing and packaging solution through this partnership. In addition, Aptar will employ YAT’s extensive market intelligence database, which is focused on unique consumer skincare requirements and features, and YAT’s vast experience with bespoke turnkey solutions and online product promotion and distribution to deliver innovative solutions to market.

By combining Aptar’s expertise in sustainable, quality, and innovative packaging solutions with YAT’s deep understanding of the Chinese customer, concept development and design knowledge, and digital advertising capabilities, the collaboration will significantly bolster Aptar’s product and service offerings in China. 

Aptar is delighted to partner with YAT to deliver skincare products to the market. 

Aptar President and CEO Stephan Tanda said, “We are pleased to collaborate with YAT to bring new skincare solutions to market. Aptar’s breadth of experience in manufacturing high-quality solutions, including innovative solutions that contribute to a more circular economy, combined with YAT’s extensive market insights, will enhance the growing portfolio of solutions and services we can bring to this market.”

Commenting on the partnership, Aptar Asia president Xiangwei Gong said that consumers in China are increasingly demanding solutions with solid scientific backing that are targeted to their specific needs, such as skin conditions, complexion, and product functioning. Gong added that YAT had proven its capacity to service the rapidly expanding skincare segment in the Chinese market. Most importantly, YAT’s insights and skills are particularly relevant to the rapidly growing Chinese brands.