CLPS Inc (NASDAQ: CLPS) Signs Definitive Agreement With Unidev For I.T.IT Solutions Delivery Enhancement

CLPS Inc (NASDAQ: CLPS) announced yesterday that it signed a definitive agreement with UniDev or Beijing UniDev Software Co., Ltd. through its subsidiary. Univ is the It solutions and services based company with its headquarters in Beijing. CLPS has signed the agreement through ChinaLink Professional Services Co. Ltd., which will also hold UniDev’s 15% ownership stake. 

What’s the deal?

Univ is the firm that’s focussed on extensive digital transformation, customizing solutions for the banks and companies in Mainland China. The company leverages experience for the development of applications which include intelligent finance solutions, emergency response systems, and safety production monitoring systems, apart from others. 

This partnership with CLPS is aimed at creating a foundation for better reach into competitive IT solutions. Additionally, UniDev stated that it is looking for its efforts in the field of R&D for new products based on technology. 

The CEO of CLPS, Mr. Raymond Lin, stated that UniDev had reached the height of rapid business development. The company has a team of qualified and efficient IT professionals through which it delivers IT solution services.  The purpose of the deal is a competitive advantage for all parties involved, along with margin and revenue generation. Additionally, the company said it would expand into the Chinese market with a stronger foothold and overseas expansion. 

About CLPS

CLPS Inc (NASDAQ: CLPS) is based out of Hong Kong. It is the leading I.T.IT solutions and consulting firm that focus primarily on financial services, insurance, and banking sectors. The company offers I.T.IT solutions for clients in the financial industry, including financial institutions in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, and the U.SUS. The company has a total of 19 R&D centers for serving its customers in diverse geographic locations. In Mainland China, it has its centers in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Baoding, Shanghai, Beijing, and Hainan. There are also eight international centers in India, Australia, Singapore, Japan, U.K.UK, U.S.US, and Hong Kong.