AgroFresh Solutions Inc (NASDAQ: AGFS) Announced Expansion Of Sustainability Technology Systems

Yesterday, AgroFresh Solutions Inc (NASDAQ: AGFS) announced expanding its sustainability technology systems, Control-Tec™, across North America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and South America. The global AgTech innovator had implemented these technologies successfully in Chile earlier. These new technologies are automated, and customized post-harvest systems, which help the operators bring down water usage. In addition, the system also enables better efficiency by ensuring disease prevention. 

AgTech solutions- what’s that?

The company is developing these systems from fields to packinghouses. The purpose of the company is water waste reduction. At the same time, the systems enable reducing loss of food while also ensuring fruit quality and maximum harvest. 

The use of Control-Tec equipment is used for leveraging automation to reduce the time of packers. At the same time, it enables precise results and resource conservation. With the help of this system, the end-users can get quality produce. The company said they’re bringing the innovation in technologies for global customers to assist them in optimizing water. 

Addressing the primary concerns in the process of food production

Through these solutions, the company is trying to address the problems in the process of food production. The key points to address in the process include water quality and post-harvest water use. The company updated that Chilean processor and PPS or Premium Packaging Services have remained in function for 20 years and have been able to achieve the impact of fungicide reduction and water sustainability with the help of the company’s Control-Tec Cherry system. 

The company had documented the use of this system. It is learned that Chile’s post-harvest industry could use the Control-Tec system for reducing as much as 17,000 cubic meters of water consumption in a regular cherry season. This is equivalent to the water requirement of 900 people on an annual basis.