Allied Energy Corp (OTCMKTS: AGYP) Provides Updates on Green Lease and Gilmer Lease Oil Sites

Allied Energy Corp (OTCMKTS: AGYP) announced its recent rework activities and work schedule to bring several wells online and offer shareholders value.

Allied Energy offers updates in scheduled work at the Green Lease location

George Montieth, the CEO, said, “I am pleased to inform our stakeholders that we have work  crews scheduled at both the Green Lease site and the Annie Gilmer Lease site. Everyone is anxious to make up for the time we lost due to heavy rains in North Texas. The ground has finally dried out, and we can easily and safely move equipment onto and around the lease sites. Below are highlights of the work schedule that Curtis has created to get us back on schedule.” Since June 14, on the Green Lease, the company has cleared well site location and constructed base for new large pumping units, and the roustabout crew fixed tank battery plant for production. On the Gilmer lease, dozier and roustabout on location clear battery road to wells and clear flow line ROW’s is complete. In addition, the company commenced flowline installation to battery production from wells.

Allied Energy offers updated in M1 Green Lease well

Recently, the company offered an update regarding progress at the M1 well at the Green Lease oil site. The company informed investors that all work outlined in Allied Energy’s June 17, 2021 release had been finalized cost-effectively and timely.

Montieth said, “Curtis has been managing our various oil projects with great efficiency and resolve. He is the man on the ground that is planning the work and then working the plan. I am pleased with the time we’ve made up on the Green Lease after battling heavy rains in northern Texas for several weeks. The entire crew is well-aware of surging oil prices and all of us are incentivized to bring wells online and producing this month.”