Eco Depot Inc. (OTCMKTS: ECDP) Subsidiary Bronya Canada Group Enters Distribution Agreement For Bronya Climate Shield Products

Eco Depot Inc. (OTCMKTS: ECDP) jumped 8.87% after its subsidiary Bronya Canada Group Inc. entered a preferred distribution agreement with Wieland Electric Inc. to distribute four Bronya Climate Shield solutions to their customer base. 

Bronya enters distribution agreement with Wieland Electric 

Wieland Electric manufactures and supplies electromagnetic and electrical solutions and components for large industrial sector players. The company will distribute and sell Bronya Climate Shield solutions to large providers and essential infrastructure industries, builders, and manufacturers. 

The distribution agreement focuses on Bronya Façade, exterior thermal insulation coating, Bronya Classic, interior thermal insulation coating, Bronya Fire Retardant, fire retardant coating, and Bronya Aquablock, waterproofing coating. Eco-depot is pleased to expand Bronya’s product marketing reach with Wieland, which is a powerful partner to meet its corporate goal of placing Bronya solutions with large global contributors. Through the partnership, Bronya will support major industry stakeholders to lower production costs, enhance working conditions for employees and empower companies to meet national and global power consumption goals. 

Bronya launches Bronya Climate Shield in North America 

Eco-Depot recently offered updates about recent activities impacting its operations in the spirit of gratitude and transparency t shareholders. First, the company announced that in Q1 2021, its subsidiary Bronya Canada Group enabled and received financing of around $1 million for the Bronya Climate Shield solutions launch in North America. Currently, Bronya is adapting its solutions to be user-friendly in North America. The changes will make it easy to paint and easy to flow while maintaining the product’s thermal barrier intact. The company is optimistic that the changes will boost market appreciation for its products. 

Bronya is finalizing standardized qualification through lab testing at CSA, ASTM, Military Standard “MIL-SPEC,” and Underwriters Laboratory to meet testing applicable in achieving standardization goals of the US Defense Department NTS Lab.