VirEXit Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: VXIT) Launches Health and Wellness Portal

VirEXit Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: VXIT) has announced the launch of The, which is proprietary health, wellness, productivity, and safety portal. The VLife portal focuses on both consumers and corporations, and the company’s expert team has curated its content.

VirEXIT launched the VLifer portal 

The largely content-driven site will cover many of today’s most pressing issues, including safe return to work, remaining alert and productive, and effectively exercising safety procedures.

CEO James C. Katzaroff said, “We are very excited to announce the launch of, a project we have been working on tirelessly for quite some time. This subscription-based site will be the first of its kind to deal with the issues around post-pandemic stress, wellness, health, and safety. The VLife portal has something for everyone and will continue to grow on a regular basis.”

The portal focuses on several subjects in which most of the present and soon-to-be SaferPlace Market items will function in conjunction with the material. The company has created a full-service program that promotes wellbeing, creativity, and productivity, by providing high-value material such as vlogs. The VLife portal is the second component of the company’s three-pronged future strategy. Later this year, VirExit will introduce its third product, which is a certification-based portal.

VirExit helping companies meet post-pandemic wellness health and safety programs

Most importantly, VirExit recognizes the need for employers to complete their post-pandemic health, wellness, and safety program demands, and the company is there to assist. VirExit can be the company’s guide on attracting new workers, increasing engagement, and achieving company and employee longevity, whether the company needs supplies, training, educational help, or certification. A range of new items and educational resources are presently being evaluated by the VirExit team of specialists, which will be onboarded to both the site and the market regularly.