Water Technologies International Inc. (OTCMKTS: WTII) Appoints James Athan IV A Contractor to Sell Containerized Water Treatment Packages

Water Technologies International Inc. (OTCMKTS: WTII) has appointed James Athans IV to market the company’s containerized water treatment packaged in the Gas & Oil Industry.  These packages and the pre-engineered treatment plants have been modernized with upgrades for water treatment for reuse. 

Water technologies packaged treat water for reuse 

The company’s GR8 Water subsidiary offers complete containerized water treatment packages. These solutions can save considerable amounts over client-supplied water treatment structures, more so where new strictures are necessary. Most importantly, the packages are one-way shipping containers with all filtration, mechanical, and electrical connections built in.

Water Technologies appointed James as an independent contractor selling the packages to current customers and contacts. He said, “Hydraulic fracturing has significantly changed over the years and has placed a challenge and huge demand for water in an already shrinking available supply. Fracking has expanded oil and gas development but has also become a threat to water resources. The fracking process utilizes millions of gallons of fluid, of which, 90% is water. This innovative technology allows operators to minimize the need for water wells and ensure clean consistent water is used during fracturing as well as other applications in the Oil and Gas Industry.”

The oil and gas market is expected to expand 

CEO William Scott Tudor said, “I see the market for oil and gas expanding as the projects cannot go forward without an ample clean water supply. Water Technologies already has interest from several Oil and Gas Companies in Texas to begin with and we think we will see orders due to the increased regulation and rising demand. We can offer our Simpods, Containerized water treatment packages and our AWGs to generate water where the wells are dry.”

Tudor added that this would be a fantastic chance and right moment for clients to use multiple products together.  He explained that this creates considerable efficiencies, increased productivity, and a safer workspace.