Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CYCN) Expands its Partnership With Beacon Biosignals

Cyclerion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: CYCN) has announced an expansion and extended its strategic partnership with Beacon Biosignals. The partnership will identify disease-relevant biomarkers refining patient selection as well as endpoints to guide Cyclerion’s clinical development of experimental therapies for cognitive impairment-related neurological diseases.

Cyclerion to leverage Beacon Biosignals’ EEG tech

The EEG neurobiomarker technology from Beacon Biosignals is designed to find and scale novel therapeutic models for psychiatric and neurological diseases. Beacon Biosignals identifies neurological indicators of pharmacological action and effectiveness using an ultramodern clinical electroencephalogram database. Different EEG profiles are linked to neurodevelopmental status and various neurological illnesses, and neurologically active treatments can alter them. To help overcome the translation challenges, the platform quickly characterizes the effects of informing dose selection.

Cyclerion and Beacon Biosignals previously collaborated on analyzing data from a Cyclerion clinical translational pharmacological trial of CY6463, which showed notable impacts on EEG parameters linked to aging and disease. The findings were recently presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting. Integrating the Beacon Biosignals method into current and prospective Cyclerion patient trials are intended to help the company’s primary clinical program, CY6463, and CY3018, progress into the clinic.

Partnership to advance CY6463

Cyclerion CEO Andy Busch said, “Beacon Biosignals is the leader in the identification of disease-relevant EEG neurological biomarkers. We believe that the application of this technology to our innovative pipeline may be quite powerful in guiding efficient drug development, and we look forward to a productive partnership focused on successfully advancing CY6463 for diseases associated with cognitive impairment.”

Beacon Biosignals CEO Jacob Donoghue said, “We are eager to apply our proprietary AI-based analytical capabilities to support the development of Cyclerion’s promising therapeutic candidates. We believe that our platform has the capacity to identify novel disease-relevant biomarkers that may help guide patient selection or endpoint identification for future clinical development.”