Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT) Appoints Ophthalmic Industry Veteran Darren Ihmels as VP Business Development

Meta Materials Inc. (NASDAQ: MMAT) has appointed Mr. Darren Ihmels as VP of Business Development Ophthalmic. Ihmels has more than 30 years of ophthalmic products, manufacturing, sales, and services experience for smart augmented reality applications and prescription lenses. 

Ihmels to expand Meta material’s ARfusion tech

His work will expand the company’s ARfusion tech, which integrates precision cast lens production methods, functional nanostructures, and volumetric holograms to give META Materials’ AR wearable developers a platform for effortlessly incorporating smart technologies into thin, lightweight lenses.

George Palikaras, the company’s CEO, said, “To develop a commercially successful augmented reality eyewear business, it is necessary to elegantly combine the attributes of fashionable, lightweight and comfortable prescription eyewear with embedded smart technologies and displays. We are fortunate to have someone of Darren’s breadth of experience join our team as we commercialize the ARfusion™ system.”

Ihmels said that he is delighted to join a highly innovative and fast-paced company such as Meta Materials. He said he would use his over 30 years of ophthalmic experience, including pioneering work in the past decade in AR applications glasses, to help Meta Materials expand its operations. 

Torchlight merged with Meta Material 

Recently Torchlight Energy (NASDAQ; TRCH) announced a two to one reverse share split and confirmed that the merger with Meta Materials would be effective on June 28. As a result, torchlight will start trading as Metamaterials under ticker MMAT on the Nasdaq capital market on the effective date. 

Torchlight CEO John Brda said, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of Torchlight’s shareholders, its Board and the team at Metamaterial Inc. for their long time support, enthusiasm and efforts in making this merger a success. We plan to continue our efforts related to our asset divestiture to provide a positive outcome for Preferred A stockholders as well as entering this new chapter for the combined company.”