Calyxt Inc (NASDAQ: CLXT) Announces Hemp Breeding Platform Expansion

Calyxt Inc (NASDAQ: CLXT) announced that it started expanding the hemp breeding platform and added triploid breeding technology for creating seedless hemp. The technology company comes with a mission of delivering plant-based innovations to its customers. Earlier in the month, the company said that the new hemp cultivation technology is followed by its announcement of successfully evolving into hemp genome. The advancements like these are a testimony of the company’s leadership in crop modernization. 

What’s next

The Chief Business Officer of the company, Sarah Reiter, said that it is the company’s mission to harness those plants that would value the business by generating such products. The company has already announced a suite of innovative techniques, while there are more pipelines. Sarah Reiter added that hemp has the potential of being a system that can produce plant-based and healthy protein, which would be an alternative to plastics. This is the goal of the company, which is within its reach. She further said that Calyxt Inc has a goal to enable easy use and access to the partners for its patent-pending triploid seed technology. This would enable the partners across different industries to convert potential hemp benefits into reality with ease and speed. 

What’re the benefits? 

Much like the seedless watermelon, there is a significant advantage in seedless hemp. These benefits are stretched into the realms of harvest potential and crop management. Seedless crops come with the benefit of increased yield and better fiber quality. Additionally, it is also possible to increase oil derivatives and hemp protein grain production with the help of controlled pollination and breeding program. This can be done effectively by doing away with the rogue pollinators threat. 

Crop modernization

The company’s Chief Technology Officer stated that Triploid hemp is seen as a crucial step in the modernization of crops. When seen from breeding, it is the foundational technology that can lead to advanced hemp genetics rather quickly. As a result, we get pollen-proof and seedless plants, which offer significant upgrades to the growers. The cropping system becomes better by quality and yield.