Salem Media Group Inc (NASDAQ: SALM) Announces Addition And Replacement Hosts To Popular Programs

Salem Media Group Inc (NASDAQ: SALM) announced on July 27 the extension of Salem Radio Network for “America First with Sebastian Gorka.” The media group announced the extension of this contract in a multi-year agreement. Dr. Gorka initiated this program back in January 2019, and the show features at 3 pm to 6 pm ET daypart.

The success of the show

In just a year and a half, Dr. Gorka proved the capability of being effortlessly natural on a radio program. The senior Vice President of Salem Media Group for the program ‘Spoken Word,’ Phil Boyce, stated that Dr. Gorka’s insight on current events and the courageous stand he takes on those issues with a dash of humor blended well. As a result, the show has become one of the best on Salem’s lineup today. 

Dr. Gorka stated that the last 18 months have been incredibly hard for the country, but in spite of that, the conservative talk radio has become stronger than before. The credit goes to the listeners who fixated on loyalty and their patriotism. 

Replacement of national host, Larry Elder

In another story, Salem had announced earlier this month that Larry Elder, its national host, would be replaced since he stood up for Governor of the State of California. Until he is the legal candidate for the position, until September 14, Salem would have to find a replacement in line up for the weekdays 6-9 pm ET slot. 

Salem has tapped Carl Jackson in place of Larry. Carl is already hosting Salem’s show called The Answer in Orlando, which comes at AM 950. Additionally, Carl is the substitute host for another host, Dennis Prager. He has done Prager show six times during the year. Carl is a black conservative brought up in California and now has his business in Orlando. His on-air personality is engaging and warm.