Quanta Inc (OTCMKTS: QNTA) Subsidiary Announces Completion Of Stability Study On Lead Candidate

Quanta Inc (OTCMKTS: QNTA) subsidiary, Medolife Rx, Inc., has recently announced the successful completion of a stability study on Escozine®, its lead drug candidate. Medolife is a biopharma company that is globally integrated with its research and development in consumer product distribution and manufacturing. It is the majority-owned subsidiary of QNTA. 

What’s up?

Earlier this month, the subsidiary had announced strong stability of Escozine® in the study. The drug was conjugated alongside radioactive iodine. This was the preclinical study organized in preparation for the company’s next level for drug clinical trials. These trials shall be conducted as per the instructions of the US Food and Drug Administration, or USFDA. 

The preclinical study 

Medolife Rx, Inc. had performed a preclinical study for a study that will follow. The impending study is called the Pharmacokinetic (PK) study on Escozine®, which is defined as the next step for the drug by the FDA. The company had earlier sought a response from FDA in context with the Pre-IND submission for Escozine® as the COVID-19 drug. 

FDA recommends PK Studies as the measurement for clearing APIs or active pharmaceutical ingredients and intake for the human body. In Medolife’s lead drug, Escozine®, the API is a polarized scorpion venom peptide. One of the essential action mechanisms of peptides is binding only to cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells. In the case of Escozine®, the peptide can pass on the barrier of the blood-brain, which enables the compound to bind with the deadliest kinds of cancers like a glioblastoma brain tumor. In addition, Escozine®’s conjugation with radioactive iodine enables researchers to see how and where the drug is processed and absorbed in the body. 

The CEO of Medolife, Dr. Arthur Mikaelian, stated that usually such processes take a lot of time (mostly years), but the company wasted no time and took the guidelines to move towards the next steps.