Rafina Innovations Inc (OTCMKTS: VICA) Enters An Exchange Deal With Optec International Inc (OTCMKTS: OPTI)

Rafina Innovations Inc (OTCMKTS: VICA) has given a controlling interest to Optec International Inc (OTCMKTS: OPTI). Rafina is among the Mediterranean distributors of OPTI. This commitment is a part of OPTI for its global expansion. 

Rafina’s background

Rafina Innovations Inc focuses primarily on the R&D of solutions related to advanced medical technologies. This concerns issuing a range of patients who are associated with the medical sector. The company is the manufacturer and distributor of such solutions in the medical industry. Additionally, Rafina has also recently acquired a new wholly-owned subsidiary, C-Pharm Ltd. This gives it a chance to expand operations in the pharma sector in the territories of Greek & Cyprus. For the quarter ending on March 31, 2021, C-Pharm Ltd. has published around $1.7 million in revenues. 

C-Pharm Ltd. is an established manufacturer in the pharmaceutical medicine industry for the shipping sector. It facilitates medicines for a range of Mediterranean-based shipping companies for Ocea-going tankers, cruise ships, containers, and cargoes that have offices based in Cyprus and Athens. 

OPTEC and Rafina’s commitment

OPTEC has decided to expand with C-Pharm Ltd and Rafina, which will pave the way for further expansion into the shipping industry. OPTEC is looking for large shipping companies to expand internationally. This collaboration is a way to facilitate new opportunities, which will drip down to all three entities. The revenues and sales of OPTEC, Rafina, and C-Pharm are expected to expand with the collab with the introduction of products in each division to the consortium of their customers. 

What now?

This acquisition comprises OPTEC taking control of interest of Rafina. As per the deal, OPTEC will be exchanging Preferred shares of Rafina with an exclusive license for Cyprus, Greece, and neighboring countries using OPTEC’s subsidiary Z2O technology. 

Z20 Technology has prime importance in present times where it is much-required in pandemic-stricken regions. The regions that have remained severely impacted due to the COVID-19 virus and the primary industries like the Cruise line and Tourism have remained shut for more than 14 months. Z2O services enable facilities to re-open safely and quickly.