Enzolytics Inc (ENZC) Stock Falls From The Recent Peak: Time to Buy?

Drug development firm committed on commercialising number of proprietary therapeutics for treating debilitating infectious diseases, Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS:ENZC) on July 26, 2021 announced signing of a Letter of Intent with Creative Biolabs for finishing joint production as well as commercialisation of HTLV-1 monoclonal antibodies through combination of the technologies. Currently, no effective vaccines exist against HTLV-1 or even antiviral drugs for treating infections caused by virus.

Using AI methodology, the firm is conserving immutable target sites on the HTLV-1 virus and will produce targeted anti-HTLV-1 monoclonal antibodies in its lab atTexas A&M University’s Institute for Preclinical Studies.

Creative will be testing effectiveness of the anti-HTLV-1 mAbs produced by Enzolytics. It will also be mass-producing mAbs for purposes of marketing and distribution.

Creative is a significant partner in Enzolyticsefforts as it produces and supplies biotech products as well as services for early drug discovery and development. Creative will be bearing the cost of production as well as sale of anti-HTLV-1 mAbs manufactured.

Charles Cotropia, CEO of Enzolytics said that the company has a comprehensive platform for producing targeted monoclonal antibodies against variety of infectious diseases.

Enzolytics, Inc also announced appointment of Steve Sharabura as President of its subsidiary RobustoMed, Inc.based in Atlanta, GA.

RobustoMed will be doing new business model focusing on developing international partnership opportunities.