Image Protect (OTCMKTS:IMTL) Stock Continues to Fall: A Buy On Dips?

Media companyfocusing on microcap news and information on crypto, blockchain, and digital assets, Image Protect (OTCMKTS:IMTL), on August 5, 2021 announced the official Marketing launch of the Celebrity NFT site. The market for NFT offerings continues to witness significant interest globally.

Together with Orlando-based marketing agency Green Light Digital, Image Protect is launching an intensive marketing initiative for cultivating thriving community of NFT enthusiasts supporting Legend NFTs brand. This would be focused on blockchain enthusiasts and collectors interested in Legend NFT’s specific collections.

Dennis Lewis, CEO of Green Light Digital, said that the company is delighted to work with Image as it will bring together a sustainable community appreciating amazing NFTs.

Lewis added combined innovative top-of-funnel strategies for the alluring audience as well as tribe-building strategies for cultivating a loyal following that will result in reaching millions of users in the next one year.

CEO of Image Protect, Lawrence Adams said that the company is aiming to become a leading Celebrity NFT marketplace, and to achieve this it needs a meaningful relationship with the community.

Coindesk suggests that the market for nonfungible tokens will maintain quick growth as demand for digital collectibles will grow.

NFT trading volume is anticipated to reach $175 million by October, with an industry market capitalization of $470 million, according to reports.