Ultrack Systems (OTCMKTS: MJLB) Tweets It Is Running ‘Final Running Tests’ On DrivelineELD Prior To Certification Submission

Ultrack Systems (OTCMKTS: MJLB) is getting closer to certification on its Driveline ELD product. 

It sent a Tweet yesterday that said: “Sunday evening we received the final build 1.30 of the DrivelineELD. Yesterday and today will be spent running final running tests and doing any windows updates on the devices being submitted for certification.”

Yesterday, the MJLB stock closed at $0.0550 in light volume of 579,581— about half its daily average.

The Tweet it sent yesterday indicates MJLB is close to finalizing its product for submission. It had said earlier that it is submitting its DrivelineELD for simultaneous approval in both the USA and Canada. This is great news for long investors in the company. 

Recently, it reported a historic 227% jump in Q2 revenue, the three months ended June 30, 2021, to $162,055 vs. $49,415 the comparable period the prior year. The 227% hike in Q2 sales showed the commitment of company management to its business model. The anticipated certification in Canada and the USA for its DrivelineELD would be a breakthrough for the company. It announced plans to enter the European trucking fleet market. 

Ultrrack Systems (OTCMKTS: MJLB) is a GPS tracking company which has announced plans to achieve strategic expansion within the European fleet market with the Teltonika line of products. 

The Q2 performance filing with the OTC showed commitment of management to Company performance. MJLB turned a net gain in Q2 2021, the three months ending June 30, 2021, of $16,550 away from a net loss of $152,254. A reduction in officer compensation to $9,222 compared to $151,500 last year made a lot of the difference, and sets the stage for a big stock move this week.

Ultrrack Systems (OTCMKTS: MJLB) is a GPS tracking company which has announced plans to achieve strategic expansion within the European fleet market with the Teltonika line of products.

MJLB has been working hard to upgrade its products and troubleshoot them. In a series of transparent tweets, it offered shareholders and investors insight into its strategy regarding completing in-house testing and said it has fixed any major/medium/minor bugs in its product. “We have also been adding a 2-way messaging system from the backend server to vehicle. Just added another benefit for our clients.” 

MJLB said it is making plans to enter the European market with the addition of the ‘Teltonika’ product line.MJLB announced it is entering the key European fleet market. MJLB unveiled plans to enter the European fleet markets with Teltonika hardware. See more at https://teltonika-networks.com This company makes routers, modems, gateways, switches and IoT platforms. 

Ultrack CEO Michael Marsbergen said, “We are in the process of adding the complete Teltonika line of products to our fleet tracking platform which opens up a huge market in Europe.”

In a corporate Tweet, MJLB last week described its new DrivelineELD brochure, which it reports is already off to the printers. Late last week, MJLB described how security is key to MJLB’s new product — the company says it uses the Windows 10 Enterprise Edition to store data, ensure seamless and secure interactions and best-in-class inspection reports. 

The product offers precise Fleet Management, incorporating reporting and tracking. It writes that this product offers clients a secure product that, unlike Android-based systems, cannot be scrutinized by others for routes, client locations and other data. 

Investors have been awaiting news on North American certification on its flagship Ultrack DriveLine. MJLB has submitted paperwork with a new government testing agency, with the new testing certifying DrivelineELD for the USA and Canada markets simultaneously. 

Marsbergen added, “One Driveline ELD device will perform multiple protocols and change between Canadian and USA mandates automatically upon border crossing. I maintain that our device will be an industry disruptor and likely to become the new standard in fleet tracking and management.”