New Age Inc (NASDAQ:NBEV) Stock Falls 12% in a Month: What’s The Buzz?

Colorado-based direct-to-consumer organic and healthy products company, New Age Inc (NASDAQ:NBEV) on August 31, 2021, announced that its product, Nutrifii Kids chewable multivitamins, is now a part of Physicians’ Desk Reference, a widely trusted as well as utilized directory of ethical pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biological products published for the medical field.

The PDR has been credible for generations of healthcare providers and gives support to prescribing decisions for improving health. It also gives event-driven as well as clinically relevant healthcare messaging through patented process ameliorating patient compliance as well as outcomes while preserving privacy. Nutrifii Kids inclusion is proof of the effectiveness of the product and adds to the trust and visibility of the company’s reputation for exceptional quality and standards. 

The Multivitamin accentuates the quality of ingredients, ensuring that they are manufactured in accordance with the pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices standards and meet guidelines of the United States Pharmacopoeia as well as U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It also has information on dosages and instructions for its use.

Deanna Latson, NewAge Chief Product Officer said that the PDR has been an authoritative source for 75 years, which is found in almost every pharmacy, clinic, or library. Latson added that it is an honor to be a part of a prestigious resource used daily by the medical community. The tablet contains high-quality vitamins, antioxidants, minerals as well as phytonutrients essential for a child’s development.