XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ:XSPA) Stock Breakout Alert: What Next?

Anyone who is currently looking into the health and wellness sector for investment options could consider taking a look at the XpresSpa Group Inc (NASDAQ:XSPA). The company is involved in the travel health and wellness space and yesterday it was in considerable focus among investors after the Board of Directors at XpresSpa announced that a stock repurchase programme had been authorised.

As per this stock repurchase programme, the company is going to buy back as many as 15,000,000 shares of its common stock. It was a major announcement and it was no surprise the XpresSpa stock attracted considerable attention from investors on Tuesday.

The stock jumped by 5% yesterday and that took its gains over the course of the past week to as much as 10%. However, in addition to that, the company’s management also provided key information with regards to its business as well. The company noted that ‘Our XpresCheck’, which is its COVID 19 testing business arm, has managed to continue on its growth path and perform commendably.

As it happens, the testing volumes went up further in the month of July. At this point in time, investors could do well to keep the XpresSpa stock in their watch lists.