Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (RLFTF) Stock Trends Lower: Falls 13% in a Month

Although the Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (OTCMKTS:RLFTF) stock has been in focus among investors for many months, it has performed quite poorly over the course of the past month.

During that period, the Relief stock has suffered from a steady selloff and tanked by as much as 13%. In this regard, it might be a good idea for investors to take a look at a key announcement from the company back on August 31, 2021. At the time the company announced that the parent company of NRx Pharmaceuticals Inc, its collaboration partner, published a key press release.

In the press release, it was noted that an additional finding had been made during the Phase 2b/3 clinical trial in which it is being investigated whether aviptadil could be used for treating patients suffering from COVID 19 infection.

In the press release, it was indicated that COVID 19 patients who had been treated with aviptadil displayed an improvement in the blood oxygen and that is an indication of the improvement in the functioning of the lungs. While the stock has performed poorly, the announcement on August 31 was still a significant positive for Relief Therapeutics and its work on aviptadil with NRs Pharmaceuticals.