Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO) Stock Consolidates After The Recent Recovery

Leading spatial temporal intelligent big data services company and provided of interactive location-based services and high-definition maps in China, Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO), on September 7, 2021, signed an agreement for providing autonomous driving day services for Zenseact, subsidiary of volvo cars. Zenseact aims to industrialize autonomous driving platform and set benchmarks for augmenting reliability of products.

Leading driving HR Maps service provider, EMG led development for high-precisions and standards for automated valet parking map. EMG gives services like mass production of autopilot simulation testing , data collection and management for auto manufacturers like Ford , Volkswagen , Continental , Bosch , BAIC New Energy and Geely.

Chairman and CEO of Xuesong Song said that the firm is glad on partnering with Zenseact and looks at working closely for fulfilling mission of creating safe and reliable driving platform. Song added that it presents amazing for establishing fresh relationships

Mr. Xuesong Song, Chairman and CEO, stated, “We are pleased to be partnering with Zenseact as their autonomous driving data services provider and look forward to working closely with their team in fulfilling their mission of creating a safe and reliable autonomous driving platform. We believe this agreement with Zenseact represents a tremendous opportunity for EMG’s business expansion as we look to establish new relationships with more partners around the globe.”