Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO) Stock Consolidates After The Recent Recovery

September 8, 2021

Leading spatial temporal intelligent big data services company and provided of interactive location-based services and high-definition maps in China, Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO), on September 7, 2021, signed an agreement for providing autonomous driving day services for Zenseact, subsidiary of volvo cars. Zenseact aims to industrialize autonomous driving platform and set benchmarks for augmenting reliability of products. Leading driving HR Maps service provider, EMG led development for high-precisions and standards…


LuoKung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO) Stock Soars 26% in a Month: Here is Why

September 2, 2021

LuoKung Technology Corp (NASDAQ: LKCO) is up 26% in a month. The company has issued an open letter to its shareholders from the CEO and Chairman Xuesong Song about its corporate strategy and 2021 outlook and beyond. Song said that the company had made considerable progress in recent times, and most recently its completed the acquisition of eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. He said that the company is leading in…


Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO) Stock Finds Support At Lower Level

August 30, 2021

The big data services sector has gained in importance in recent years and for good reason too. Hence, it is no surprise that more and more investors are looking for options in the sector and one of the stock that could be worth tracking this week is the Luokung Technology Corp (NASDAQ:LKCO) stock. Last week the Luokong stock was in the news and ended the week with gains of as…