Eros STX Global (NYSE:ESGC) Stock Extends Rally: Will it Hit 41 Soon?

Over the course of the past year or so, the interest in stocks related to the video streaming space has gone up considerably and the trend has continued this year as well. However, the bullish sentiments about these stocks have not translated to anything for the Eros STX Global (NYSE:ESGC) stock.

All About Eros STX Global

The company is an important player in the entertainment content production space and claims to provide ‘star driven premium content’ that is meant for global audiences across streaming platforms. At a time when ‘streaming wars’ are at their peak, it is logically supposed to be a good time for any major entertainment production company.

The stock may not have performed particularly well this year so far but on Thursday, the Eros STX stock jumped by as much as 7% and hence, it could be a good move to take a closer look at it. Experts believe that the $1 mark is the make or break point for the Eros STX Global stock and if the stock can somehow touch that point then things might move in a different direction for investors.

It had been trading for $2 a share back in March and for $1 a share last month but since then short sellers seem to have taken hold of the stock.