Tuesday’s OTC Market Winners: Momentum Report

Yesterday, 12,894 securities traded $2.4 Billion on the United States Over-The-Counter stock markets.  There were several companies experiencing bullish momentum that could continue today.

A short list for your radar includes:

Cyberlux Corporation (OTCMKTS:CYBL)

CYBL traded a whopping 402,239,221 shares yesterday, closing up 12.5% at $0.036.  Intraday the stock was up as much as 46%, some profit taking occurred bringing the price back to around the open price before the stock closed up on a high note.  This momentum could continue today, however, this is not based on any material news that we can find.

Two months ago, CYBL, a leading provider of LED lighting and renewable energy solutions, provided an update for investors on their share structure and announced their reporting status as ‘current’.  According to the release, CYBL’s 20 billion Authorized Shares will be reduced by 11.25 billion to 8.75 billion, a reduction of 56.25% overall. 

The company’s OS is currently inflated by what they refer to as “phantom shares”, quoting the press release: “Outstanding Shares balance of 5,081,275,578 included 700 million phantom restricted shares from a transaction in 2014. These 700 million restricted shares were reported and confirmed lost in 2018 and will never be tradeable. Unfortunately, the process of removing these from the Outstanding Share level is impossible in this particular situation and going forward the Effective Outstanding Share level is 4,381,275,578. This is an important matter as it improves the equity valuation for shareholders by 16%.”

Fernhill Corporation (OTCMKTS:FERN)

FERN traded over 3 times it’s daily average volume Tuesday, 297,566,113 share traded while the share price closed up 43.5% at $0.0336.   The momentum looks strong with this crypto play, the stock continued to make new intraday highs Tuesday before closing at the day’s high.  A bullish hammer if I’ve ever seen one.

FERN, a developer and acquirer of high performance proprietary software solutions for fintech including cryptocurrency mining, digital asset trading and blockchain applications, announced this month the appointment of Nathanael Coonrod, as Executive VP of Engineering.  Fernhill CEO Marc Lasky said of the appointment “Nathanael is a world-class software engineer that has worked on a wide range of mission critical projects with a vast array of companies. He also helped author multiple, issued and pending, patents around blockchain and distributed computing technologies. Having a specialization in blockchain development, crypto mining, and large-scale software development projects, Nathanael has created several cutting-edge technologies and private blockchains that led to multiple successful exits, and as such, I am confident that he is the perfect person to help us take Fernhill to the next level.”

Allied Energy Corporation (OTCMKTS:AGYP)

AGYP has made several bullish moves over the past few months, and looks to be starting another after closing Tuesday up 4.58%.  Momentum could continue 

The company has made several positive announcements in the past few months highlighted by their recent milestone press release signaling initial oil production on the company’s Green Lease located in North Texas.  AGYP could be a gem because it is pumping oil domestically (Texas specifically) and providing needed product as major suppliers are failing demand in the oil and gas markets. AGYP differentiates itself because not only is it a domestic oil provider, but the liberals may even be able to get behind an oil and gas exploration company that reworks proven wells.  They are essentially as “green” as an oil & gas explorer can be.  By reworking the wells they are reducing the carbon footprint of an average oil exploration project.  They are also harming less ‘virgin’ land, by getting the most out of what is already there.  Finally, this exploration technique takes a lot of the costly guesswork out of exploration, as generally, the company will know there’s oil, the question will only be how much?  In AGYP’s case, there appears to be quite a bit at their Green lease, soon we will learn just how much exactly.

All American Pet Company (OTCMKTS:AAPT)

AAPT traded over 5 times its average daily volume Tuesday (211,215,859 shares), closing up 10.65% at $0.0296.  After volatile intraday trading, the stock closed near its intraday high.  This could signal more gains Wednesday.

AAPT’s move comes after a major announcement Monday.  The company announced it has finalized and executed a Letter of Intent to acquire a technology company valued at $200 million.

“The acquisition candidate is a revenue-producing Technology Company. Management feels strongly about the growth potential of the candidate and believes, that for the second year, an aggressive growth in excess of 400% is very likely to occur.”