Breakthrough Innovation Companies to Watch 2022: AMYZF, GTCH, MMMW, GEGR

While it is true that some of the entrenched companies may go through years without any innovations due to their sheer market share, it should be noted that such a state of affairs remains an exception. At the end of the day, companies that can innovate effectively can eventually corner significant market share and create considerable value for shareholders as well. As it happens, there are some companies that have come up with breakthrough innovations in recent times and it may be prudent for investors to consider taking a look at some of those in 2022. Here is a look at four of those.

American Manganese Inc (OTCMKTS:AMYZF) (TSX:AMY.V) – The first one to look into is American Manganese Inc, which is involved in lithium-ion battery cathode recycling and upcycling in an environmentally responsible way. The company is clearly at the forefront of innovation in its own industry.

This morning American Manganese is in the news after it announced that it has started the testing work with regards to the demonstration plant project for its RecyLiCo process. The process is being conducted with lithium-ion battery cathode scrap materials. It is important to note that the demonstration plant has been scaled up and has been designed to have input capacity to the tune of as much as 500 kilograms a day. American Manganese is an innovative company that could be added to the watch list for this year by many investors.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTCMKTS:MMMW) – The next innovative company that makes it to the list of breakthrough innovative stocks for 2022 is the renewable energy company Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.

The company has done considerable work in its own industry but yesterday it received another significant boost that could be vital for its stock. Yesterday, it was announced that the company was going to become a fully SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission) reporting company from July 7 this year. As a result, Mass Megawatts Wind Power would need to file reports at specific periods like other fully reporting companies. It must be a welcome development for investors since fully reporting companies to the SEC offer more transparency and hence, are certainly more of a prospective option for investors.

GBT Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GTCH) – Next in is the tech firm GBT Technologies Inc, which has been working on a spate of innovative solutions in recent times and earlier this week on Tuesday, it made an announcement with regards to a key patent application.

The company announced on Tuesday that earlier this month on May 4 it had filed a continuation patent application in relation to its data and voice communication system. The system in question has also been assigned an internal code name and it is ‘Infinia’. The original patent which had been filed by GBT Technologies was with regards to the artificial intelligence technology that allowed the system to work through skip zones at a time there might be no reception.

Gaensel Energy Group Inc (OTCMKTS:GEGR) – While it may be known as Gaensel Energy Group, it is actually a diversified holding company and has interests in a range of industries. There has not been much news lately about the company but experts believe that it could be an undervalued opportunity.

Earlier on in the month on May 13 the company announced that its business unit Montenapoleone 1838 s.r.l. had inked agreements with regards to the acquisition of a controlling stake of as much as 70% in the company Tiburon Cafe’ Holding s.r.l. Gaensel is currently working on a range of other initiatives too.

The stock is one of the notable undervalued stocks right now. The stock is trading at a deep discount to its 52-week low of $0.35.