Cybersecurity Stocks in the News: SWISF, SFOR, CRM, SFET

As the world grows more and more connected, the dangers of cybercrimes are also going to go up considerably and hence, there is hardly any doubt that the cybersecurity sector is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

Hence, it may be a good idea for investors to perhaps start taking an interest in the sector. If you want to start looking today then you could do well to look into cybersecurity stocks that have come into the news cycle in recent days. Here is a look at four such cybersecurity stocks.

Sekur Private Data Ltd (OTCMKTS:SWISF) – In recent times, Sekur Private Data Ltd has emerged as one of the more interesting players in the fast-growing cybersecurity sector. The company is best known for providing secure data management solutions and Swiss-hosted secure communications.

Last week the company had come into focus among investors after it announced that its new Chat by Invite feature for SekurMessenger had been showcased in an article on Benzinga. The new feature is going to allow SekurMessenger users to invite non-Sekur users to the platform and chat with them securely and privately.

It may well be the right time for investors to keep track of the developments on this front at Sekur.

Zerify Inc., A/K/A – StrikeForce Technologies Inc (OTCQB: SFOR) – StrikeForce Technologies Inc has been in the cybersecurity business for quite some time and has been in the sector for as long as 21 years. At this point in time, the company is involved in providing secure video conferencing solutions.

Not too long ago the company announced that PushForce LLC, its latest customer, had launched the latest version of its sales automation software and had deployed the StrikeForce product ‘Zerify API’ in it. It was a significant development for StrikeForce considering the fact that PushForce offers its customer relationship management software to the behemoth Salesforce.

Mark Kay, who is the Chief Executive Officer of StrikeForce noted that the Zerify API is the only API in the market that provides layers of cyber security controls in order to safeguard the data. It will be interesting to see if the StrikeForce stock can come on to the radars of investors this week or not.

Safe-T Group Ltd (NASDAQ:SFET) (TASE:SFET.TA) – Global privacy solutions and cybersecurity firm Safe-T Group Ltd is another cybersecurity company that may be added to the list of cybersecurity companies that may be watched by investors at this point. There was no news about the company last week but earlier on in the month on June 6 the company referred to the latest Consumer Online Scam Report that had been published by the firm CyberKick Ltd.

In light of that report, Safe-T Group provided a highlight of some of the latest online security issues which may affect consumers. The report is a thorough one and had been prepared by the team after having reviewed the slew of online threats that had been picked up by the data analysis program at CyberKick that runs around the clock. It may be a good move to keep the Safe-T Group stock on your watch lists at this point.

Salesforce  (NYSE:CRM) – Last but certainly not the least by any stretch of the imagination, is, the enterprise software company that had been in focus among investors for some time. It had been one of the pioneers of the SaaS or software as a service space and had generated considerable gains for its investors.

However, in recent times, the going has been difficult for the stock. That being said, the company is trying to get back on track and one of the factors is that its latest customer relationship management product has proven to be a success. On the other hand, growth has also been steady overall and profit has also been rising.