US Health Advisors Approved Vaccines for Infants and Toddlers: PFE, IPA.V/ IPA, RSHN, MRNA, THRM.V / TBRIF, HALB

The medical sector has almost always attracted a lot of attention from investors and for good reason too considering the sort of returns that the sector has managed to generate over the past decades. Pfizer’s (NYSE: PFE) & Moderna’s (NASDAQ: MRNA) COVID-19 vaccines for infants and toddlers—a move that could help boost sales of these vaccine producers.

Every day thousands upon thousands of investors look into the possibility of investing in the sector and if you are looking into the sector this morning, then here are the four stocks that may consider tracking.

Immunoprecise Antibodies Ltd (CVE:IPA) (NASDAQ:IPA) – stock was in a recovery mode and closed with a gain of 8.15%. There has been no news about the company for quite some time but back on May 9, the company had made a major announcement with regards to its Belgian multi-omics analysis platform provider subsidiary Biostrand.

It was announced that Biostrand had won a grant to the tune of as much as 460,000 Euros from the research fund of the local Flemish government in Belgium named VLAIO.

Therma Bright (TSXV: THRM) (OTCQB:TBRIF) is another Undervalued medical stock to keep an eye on. Therma Bright Inc is best known for having developed the AcuVid™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Saliva Test and is also working on a range of other medical devices.

Recently, the company was in the news once again after it announced that it had awarded options to many of the directors, consultants, and officers to pick up a total of as many as 1,475,000 common shares in the company. It is part of the wider share options plan at Therma Bright.

The options in question can be exercised within three years and the price has been set at $0.25 a share. It was an important move from the company and one that could be intriguing for market watchers too.

Halberd Corporation (OTCMKTS:HLAB) is one of the medical stocks which could be on the most undervalued list. The company has done considerable research in recent times and developed the unique extracorporeal disease eradication method.

Earlier on in the month on June 8 the company was in the news after it announced that it inked a non-disclosure agreement with Mississippi State University for conducting animal testing of its extracorporeal disease eradication method. The company is progressing its unique disease eradication process at a fair clip and that makes the Halberd stock one worth tracking at this point in time.

RushNet Inc (OTCMKTS:RSHN) – The first medical stock to look into this morning may be that of RushNet Inc, which was in sharp focus last Friday and ended up with gains of as much as 15.38% as a consequence. While it is true that there was no news at all about RushNet on Friday, it ought to be noted that earlier in the month on June 8, the company had announced that it was going to issue dividends to RushNet shareholders following the spin-off of its subsidiary unit heliosDX.

However, perhaps the more important announcement from the company was that the whole operation was not going to involve any kind of dilution of RushNet shares. The company made the move after the long PCOAB audit into RushNet and its subsidiary units had been completed. There would be a public offering of heliosDX shares by way of Regulation A and it seeks to raise as much as $20,000,000, which would be used for the company’s future business activities.