Wednesday’s Momentum List: WHSI, BNOW, PURA, HALB, EPAZ, SWRM

The midweek doesn’t wait for anybody but at the same time investors are going to do their thing like they do every morning. They are going to fire up their work stations and start tracking a number of stocks that they feel might experience a certain degree of action. This article is going to provide you a quick look into six stocks which you could consider looking into this morning.

Wearable Health Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:WHSI) – The very first company to make it to the list is that of Wearable Health Solutions Inc. The wearable health devices market has grown at a fairly strong pace and Wearable Health Solutions is one of the smaller cap companies to have managed to carve out of a niche in the highly competitive space.

The company has managed to accomplish a lot in a short period of time and it was in the news back on August 11. It might be a good idea for investors to perhaps consider taking a look into the specific development from that day this morning.

Wearable Health Solutions announced at the time that it was going to be in attendance at the MAMA’s annual conference. It is a major event that that connects the major players and stakeholders in the Medical Alert industry so that they can jointly explore the future of the Personal Emergency Response System industry.

The participation at such an event is a major new development for Wearable Health Solutions and it is going to be interesting to see if the market reacts to the news this morning or not. It may be a good idea for investors to keep track of the Wearable Health Solutions stock today.

Boon Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:BNOW) – The first one to possibly add to your watch list for today is the Boon Industries Inc stock, which had clocked gains of as much as 25% yesterday despite there being no news. Boon Industries is a bioscience company, which is involved in making chemical solutions for a range of sectors in the United States and worldwide.

Some of the sectors it is involved with include medical, agriculture, beverage and hospitality among others. The chemicals that are offered by the company help in killing harmful pathogens and at the same time, the chemicals do not pass on any harmful effects to the customer or to the environment. It now remains to be seen if the Boon Industries stock can manage to add to its gains over the course of the coming days or not.

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) – On Tuesday, the Puration Inc stock was in sharp focus yet again and ended the day with gains of as much as 5%. That took the gains made by the stock over the course of the past week to as much as 43%.

The company announced yesterday that an agreement was being negotiated that could result in fresh cash injection into its business in the next 90 days. The management believes that the cash is going to help in financing the transition of Puration’s cannabis business strategy.

Epazz Inc (OTCMKTS:EPAZ) – In light of the revival in the crypto market, the Epazz Inc stock could be another one that may be worth looking into at this point in time. The company works through a range of subsidiaries and is involved in a range of businesses.

Epazz, along with its subsidiaries, is involved in the manufacturing and sales of a number of software programs that could be deployed by businesses, government agencies, and other entities.

Halberd Corporation (OTCMKTS:HALB) – On Tuesday, the Halberd Corporation stock went up by as much as 5.50% in reaction to significant development last week.

The head of the NFL Retired Players Association Carl Eller endorsed the work that had been accomplished by Halberd in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury research. It is a recurring problem in the National Football League and such injuries have often led to long-term neurodegenerative conditions in former players.

AppSwarm Inc (OTCMKTS:SWRM) – There was no news about AppSwarm Inc yesterday but the stock still ended up with gains of as much as 950% yesterday.

While it is true that there was no news the company did announce back on August 3 that it was working on the expansion of its two divisions, The COLONY and The HIVE. It now remains to be seen if the AppSwarm stock can hold on to its momentum and add to its gains.