Karbon-X Corp (OTCMKTS:KARX) Stock In Focus After Recent News

This morning it may be a good move from investors to consider keeping an eye on the Karbon-X Corp (OTCMKTS:KARX)  stock after there was a significant development with regards to the company yesterday.

Bolivian Reforestation Project Feasibility Study Complete: Karbon-X To Advance the Project to The Next Phase

The company announced yesterday that it had engaged the services of Silverculture Systems Corp for the purpose of planting as many as 25000 DipteryxAlata(also known as Baru Nut trees) trees in the Chiquitania areas of Bolivia. The planting is going to take place in the spring planting season this year. It should be noted that the planting drive is going to be part of the Baru Tree feasibility study that had been launched by Silverculture. In the initial days of the drive, it had planted as many as 50000 trees as part of the initiative.

The total number of trees that had been planted had stood at 75000. After the completion of the feasibility study it was found that all the trees that had planted recorded a retention rate of as much as 90%. It was a major new announcement from Karbon-X as it is now going to be a part of the initiative with Silverculture. The company is now going to involve verification of the reforestation efforts in Bolivia.

Key Quote

“The next step for Karbon-X regarding our Bolivian operations is to seek verification of the Bolivian reforestation project through a third-party verification board and the BioCarbon Registry. The feasibility study’s data will play an integral role in that process” said Karbon-X CEO, Chad Clovis.