1812 Brewing Company Inc (OTCMKTS:KEGS) Stock On Watchlist After Latest News

In recent times, 1812 Brewing Company Inc (OTCMKTS:KEGS) has been one of the companies which garnered considerable attention from investors and yesterday, the company was in the news once again. The company was in the news yesterday after it announced that it had been successful in building a new website as well as social media accounts.

Trading Data     

On Wednesday, KEGS stock ended flat at $0.0013 with more than 133.19 million shares, compared to volume of 96.10 million shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.0012 – 0.0014 after opening trade at $0.0012.

1812 Brewing Company Unveils Brewery and Shareholder-Focused Website & Social Media Accounts

The purpose of the website and social media accounts would be to effectively communicate the company’s strategy to other breweries so that the benefits of consolidating regional breweries into one national entity could be emphasized. All companies wishing to accomplish something significant nowadays need to have an online presence in order to effectively communicate its aims.

The latest development with regards to 1812 Brewing Company could well prove to be a long term positive. The company’s overarching strategy is to create an operation in which regional breweries share information and resources and join in to create economies of scale with regards to procurement, product development and marketing among others.

The new website, kegsnetwork.com, is also going to be informative for shareholders since it would provide information with regards to the entire list of brands which join 1812 Brewing Company’s network.