Fastbase Inc. (OTC:FBSE) Provides WebLeads 8.0 Service Focused on Additive Manufacturing to 3DX Industries Inc. OTC: DDDX

One of the industries which is almost certain to grow rapidly in the coming years is the one related to Big Data and it could be a good move for investors to consider keeping an eye on some companies which may be involved in it.

A company that could be worth tracking at this point in time is Fastbase Inc. (OTC: FBSE), which is a company that processes Big Data for the purpose of providing large case insightful data faster to its clients. As it happens, Fastbase had been in the news not too long ago back on January 6 when it announced that it was providing its WebLeads Service to the company 3DX Industries Inc. The service is meant for helping 3DX is turning those who visit its website into business leads.

3DX Industries is a company that is involved in the additive manufacturing and 3D printing space and is known for offering a full range of services. The solution that it is going to use from Fastbase is going to help the company in potentially boosting its business considerably by turning leads into new business. In a world that is becoming increasingly more connected, such a business strategy can often prove to be the difference between competitors.

The Chief Executive Officer of 3DX Industries, Roger Janssen, spoke about the development as well. He noted that everyone at the company was excited at the possibility of working with Fastbase in order to get and convert leads in order to further boost its additive manufacturing business.

He went on to note that the technology from Fastbase had already proven to be effective for 3DX Industries since it allowed it to have exposure to a much bigger audience. It could be a good move for investors to keep an eye on the Fastbase stock.