American Films Inc (OTCMKTS:AMFL) Makes A Pitch To Investors With Investor Deck

One of the things that are often seen as a benefit for any stock is for the company to provide as much information as possible to potential investors. If there is that much information available then it is easier for investors to make a decision.

Yesterday, American Films Inc (OTCMKTS:AMFL) was in the news after it released its investor deck for 2023. The investor deck provided the value proposition, highlights of milestones, and the strategy that it would be focussed on. Investors who may be interested in the presentation that was released by American Films could do well to check out the company website for the details.

While the release of the investor deck is certainly a significant development for the company and for its investors, it is also necessary to have a better idea of the nature of the company’s operations. The company is mainly involved in the acquisition, ownership, and development of intellectual property.

The intellectual property that it owns is then used for monetization at a markup through the use of rights enforcement, asset digitization, and proprietary technology. It is a business model that seems to have served American Films well and it is going to be interesting to see if investors are willing to see the value proposition or not.

The company has also been successful in coming up with its own proprietary products so as to optimize its operations. For instance, it has managed to come up with web-based evidence-gathering product named FACTERA which is meant for identifying the number of incidents of copyright infringement.

The product helps the company and other entities which use the product to enforce copyright infringement vigilance in an efficient way at a time it is a significant problem for copyright owners.