Greenlite Ventures Inc (OTC: GRNL) Partners with New York Jets in a Multi-Year Corporate Alliance

Greenlite Ventures Inc (OTC: GRNL), dba Game Time Productions, which is a leader in licensed sports watches having active, ongoing license agreements with the NFL, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and WWE, announced that the company and Brandstar have agreed on canceling their Strategic Alliance, which would have had Brandstar direct Game Time’s production and marketing activities. This was earlier announced in a press note on March 24, 2023.

Game Time Productions announced the acquisition of Trident Water LLC, Altitude Wellness, Inc., and Altitude International, all of which were wholly owned subsidiaries of Altitude International Holdings, Inc. Structured as no-liability, debt-free transactions, the acquisitions have total consideration of 600,000 common shares of GRNL stock being given to Altitude International Holdings. Working with top industry leaders, GRNL is present in all market sectors engaged in restructuring and selling freshly acquired assets in lieu of royalty payments from the new partners.

The company also forayed into a multi-tiered royalty agreement with Blue Sky Strategy LLC, which is operating and owning the former Trident Water entity. With a 14-year history in the Atmospheric Water sector, Blue Sky has made a robust customer network and connections globally. The firm is also working with Joakim Noah and his family’s Noah’s Arc Foundation on some humanitarian water projects.

GRNL further signed an Agreement for spinning off Altitude Wellness acquisition and will get guaranteed royalty payments. The new group is planning to build a flagship “Altitude Fitness Center” in Miami featuring simulated altitude training and the new location will be a model for future franchised units.

GRNL has also engaged a pioneer in the industry, Dave Vincent, who is the owner of Europe’s top simulated altitude provider, Sporting Edge UK. Vincent will build on the successful installation of Sporting Edge manufactured altitude chambers for Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins,and Tulane University. The pioneer aims to gain more traction with colleges and professional leagues in the US. Further, he will work on advancing boxing ring and breakthrough racehorse applications in the American markets. Currently, he is negotiating an exclusive sales, manufacturing, and royalty agreement with a globally respected name in athletic training and conditioning equipment, on behalf of GRNL.

Game Time Productions also announced signing a multi-year partnership with the New York Jets. The partnership will give assets both in the UK and the US.

Under the partnership, Game Time will receive US designation as the Official Partner of the New York Jets. Further, the UK Partnership will incorporate social media, digital advertising, and sponsorship of the Jets “UK Digital Sweepstakes”.

Game Time CEO Adam Pennington expressed excitement aboutthe partnership and the company’s prospects for the upcoming season. Pennington added that the Jets are a top-selling merchandise brand in the NFL, and the company’s watches can become a big part of the mix. He further expressed gratitude for making the partnership a reality and is looking ahead to being a good year both for GRNL and the Jets.