BioTech Medics, Inc (OTC:BMCS) Debuts Its Website And Sets Sights On Advancing To The Next Level

Publicly traded Wyoming company, BioTech Medics, Inc (OTC:BMCS), operating under the stock symbol BMCS, said that it will be focusing on calcium, silica, and carbon credits as its business model going forward. BioTech currently has significant digital assets and also announced on launch of a website providing insights into activities that it will implement going ahead.

Anthony K. Miller, CEO said that the company’s business model going ahead would be the biotech ecosystem encompassing specifically calcium carbonate, calcium, and silica marketplaces. The CEO added that the company will be giving more information on its ventures and new projects under development in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, management will be complying with OTCM inquiries for moving to the Current level on their platform. The management will also engage auditors for preparing audited financials and management would apply with OTCM for advancing next tier, which is OTCQB status.

Miller also said that the previous time management submitted an application, the firm wasn’t allowed to matriculate due to a pending corporate action with FINRA. The company now has a clear road for tie elevation and becoming OTCQB firm will ensure greater legitimacy and transparency integral to success.

BioTech Medics Inc also announced taking significant steps for diversifying BMCS into a fresh and productive business.

Anthony K. Miller, CEO said that BMCS has elevated from Expert Market to an OTC Markets Yield status. It is now in its Current status. The CEO added that the company has focused efforts on the digital asset business in the last two years and the management has decided on shifting assets and energy back to the biotech sector.

Miller also said that the Management has abandoned its name change to BMCS Sumcoin Index Fund. BMCS still has significant digital assets and the management is negotiating to harness assets for enhancing new vision. The CEO also confirmed that the management will be giving investors additional information on new ventures in the coming weeks. The Management is confident on the path being beneficial and exciting for sustained growth as there are tremendous opportunities in this sector.

The firm is also planning to launch the new website , which will discuss and announce deals in place. In addition, it will share information on the assets being acquired by the firm. BioTech Medics is also planning to announce a vision with the related companies and how they fit within this new direction. BioTech Medics is located in Los Angeles California and has a successful and long history in the biotech sector.