Affluence Corporation (OTC:AFFU) Stock In Focus After Partnering with Durham Black

As the technology space continues to throw up innovative solutions, it is perhaps imperative for investors to keep an eye on companies which are involved in next generation technologies. One company worth watching could be Affluence Corporation (OTC:AFFU), which is a major player in the Internet of Things technology and Smart City Software spaces.

On December 20 the company announced that it had gone into a partnership with Durham Black, a strategic advisory firm, for the purpose of executing its dual growth strategy. The growth strategy in question would be focussed on the opening up of new markets for OneMind Technologies, its fully owned subsidiary and also adding greater value by way of new acquisitions. Such an approach would help in turning Affluence Corporation into a worldwide leader in solutions which help in powering the next generation of the internet and also the smart industries.

James E Honan Jr, the Chief Executive Officer of Affluence Corporation, spoke about the decision to get into the partnership. He stated that if the company was to maximize its potential then it was necessary to grow through acquisitions and also through organic means. The Durham Black team boated of a successful track record of achieving both those objectives. He went on to note that the board of directors at Affluence Corporation had tasked the management to devise a plan aimed at growing the company significantly in 2024.

Honan Jr stated that Durham Black was the ideal partner in helping the company in achieving its goals. The Managing Director of Durham Black Patrick Shutt noted that it was an exciting time for Affluence Corporation and everyone at the strategic advisory firm was confident about its own record of building up businesses. He also stated that Affluence Corporation’s success with OneMind so far would be the basis of the company’s move into new markets.