RJD Green Inc. (OTC:RJDG) Stock Surges 20%: Here is Why

This morning, most investors are likely to take a shine to those companies that may have been in the news cycle on Wednesday, and one such company was RJD Green Inc. (OTC:RJDG). The company operates in the form of a holding company and remains focused on the acquisition and management of assets while hunting for potential asset acquisitions in a range of industries. Yesterday, the company revealed the financial highlights from the quarterly report of the six-month period that ended on February 28, 2024.

In that period, the company generated revenues of $2,551,578 and EBITDA profit to the tune of $486,828. RJD Green had cash and cash equivalents of $819,724 at the end of that period. More importantly, it was noted that it had recurring monthly revenues of $435,630 to go along with $2,925,120 in assets, shareholder equity of $2,551,444, and liabilities of $363,676. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ron Brewer, noted that the performance was a reflection of the solidity of the business at a time of considerable political chaos and uncertainties in the global economy. He went on to state that the management was focused on the best acquisition opportunities and boosting shareholder value.

It was also noted that, as things stood, the performance in the six-month period demonstrated the fact that RJD Green was on track to hit more than $3,500,000 in revenues for the 2024 fiscal year. The company went on to note in the press release that it projected such a performance since the last six months of the fiscal year tended to generate higher revenues historically. The net operating profits earned by the company in the six-month period went up 9.1% year over year. Additionally, the assets under its control went up 5.1% since the fiscal year ended on August 31, 2023.