Hiru Corp. (OTC:HIRU) Stock Takes a Hit After Management Recalibration and Share Reduction

The news about the departure of key executives can often bring a company into considerable focus among investors, and hence it is likely that Hiru Corp. (OTC:HIRU) stock will be in action this morning. On April 12, the company announced that Gerald Mounger and Andrew Lapp would both step down from their positions as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, respectively. They would both step down from their positions soon in order to make way for a new CEO and COO in the mining space. The company also noted that the OTC would be updated with the relevant details as well.

Up until the announcements of the replacements of the two executives, Mounger and Lapp would be downgraded to management in transition. The CEO and COO roles would be assumed by the co-chairman and the secretary of the company.

However, Hiru Corp. announced that it had already started the process of searching for a new mining CEO. Some of the candidates that the company is considering include those who are linked with nickel 1 to 3 billion mining-type products and NASDAQ Biofuel. The company was still working on a range of details since the plan would be for Hiru Corp. to be a combination of such projects. The company’s spokesperson provided some insights about the present thinking.

The spokesperson stated that Hiru Corp. remained committed to maintaining the success and momentum that the company had achieved. As the company began the journey of searching for a new CEO, it remained committed to ultimately delivering considerable value to Hiru Corp. shareholders. Since the company was looking to the future, the search for a new CEO would be primarily focused on hiring an executive who would be adept at leading the mining operations at Hiru Corp.