China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding (OTC:CBGH) Stock Takes a Hit: But Why?

In light of the announcement made by the company on Tuesday, it is likely that China Yibai United Guarantee International Holding Inc. (OTC:CBGH) could come into focus among investors today. The company announced yesterday that, along with TidyCell Inc., its fully owned subsidiary unit, it had entered into a major collaboration with Tanz Logistics International.

The entities would collaborate on the development of a logistics application. Tanz Logistics is primarily involved in providing overseas warehousing and logistics services. In the news release, China Yibai United Guarantee International noted that the strategic collaboration could help change the face of the logistics industry through unmatched efficiency and innovative products.

The product would be called the Tanz App, which would be created through the collaboration between TidyCell and Tanz Logistics. The app would provide users with a full range of services related to logistics. Some of the services include convenient product delivery-related services, efficient parcel handling regardless of size, and the planning of courier routes. The app would also provide customers with access to the large Tanz Logistics freight services network and provide users with competitive prices. In this context, it should be noted that Tanz Logistics International is best known for its strong commitment to great service and would lend the partnership considerable expertise.

Tanz Logistics operates an advanced warehouse located in Toronto and has earned a lot of plaudits for the level of service it provides. The company boasts an annual storage management capacity to the tune of 20 million separate items and 15 million items in terms of transportation. In the news release, it was also noted that the above-mentioned app would be launched in May 2024 and made available on both the iOS and Android App Stores. It remains to be seen if the China Yibai United Guarantee International stock garners any attention from investors or not.