NLS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: NLSP) Releases Data Showing Mazindol’s Agonist Activity in Narcolepsy Treatment

NLS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (NASDAQ: NLSP) has released new study data supporting mazindol’s action mechanism. Mazindol is an active compound in NLS Pharmaceutical’s flagship product candidate for narcolepsy, Quilience, treatment. 

Mazindol shows OX2R agonist activity 

The released data confirmed the agonist activity of mazindol’s Orexin receptor (OX2R). In NLS sponsored pre-clinical study carried by the University of Lausanne’s Biomedical Sciences Department, genetically modified mice not to show OX2R and Wild-Type mice were studied for psychostimulant effects following mazindol administration. The study shows that OX2R mice were 70% less sensitive to the drug relative to normal mice, which confirmed the potential OX2R agonist of mazindol. 

NLS co-founder and interim chief scientific officer Eric Konofal said, “The results of this Knock Out mouse study demonstrate mazindol’s potent binding activity to OX2R, which we believe will translate into clinically meaningful results in humans suffering from the core symptoms of narcolepsy – excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy attacks. Clinical data from real-world mazindol use, as well as trial results from other orexin-activating compounds validate the utility of orexin receptor stimulation and the potential benefits to both narcolepsy Type 1 and narcolepsy Type 2 patients. We believe that Quilience® will provide a differentiated solution in this treatment category given mazindol’s dual mechanism of action.”

NLS receives European patent for mazindol 

Recently, the company received a patent for mazindol from the European Patent Office, A MAZINDOL IR/SR MULTILAYER TABLET, and ITS USE FOR THE TREATMENT OF ATTENTION DEFICIT/HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER (ADHD). The patent offers IP protection for oral formulations that contain sustained-release and immediate-release layers of mazindol.

NLS CEO Alex Zwyer said, “We are pleased to have obtained patent coverage in Europe covering our controlled-release formulation of mazindol as we advance the development of Quilience® (mazindol CR) to treat narcolepsy and potentially other sleep-wake disorders.”