Exro Technologies Inc.’s (OTCMKTS: EXROF) New Coil Driver Application Can Reduce Cost Of EV Infrastructure Deployment

Exro  Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: EXROF)  has said that the new application for the Coil Driver patented tech has the potential of reducing the cost and complexities related to using electric vehicle infrastructure at scale. As a result, the cleantech company boasts a new power electronics class for EV cars and batteries. 

Exro files new patents for Coil Driver 

The Coil Driver tech has been designed to deliver Level 1-4 charging capabilities and can offer electricity back to the grid with considerably fewer power electronics. This entails charging capabilities from clean energy sources such as wind and solar energy. 

The company has filed a new patents family covering more Coil Driver functionality. The new submission bolsters the company’s combined submitted and held patent portfolio for 36, which comes at the back of the Exro’s uprising to the Toronto stock exchange. 

Electric vehicles need three power electronics components types to power cars in motion and charge batteries from the grid or clean energy sources, including an onboard charger, motor drive, and external DC fast charger.  The Coil Drive tech can replace all three components, thus minimizing the cost and complexity of EV and charging infrastructure deployment at scale. 

Coild Driver to streamline fast charger deployments 

Exro CEO Sue Ozdemir said, “Unlocking the ability for the Coil Driver to simplify and streamline fast charger deployments for charge point operators and automakers has the potential to be a game-changer.  We hope that this will provide a path to standardization and enable EV charging infrastructure to scale at the pace needed to reach EV goals. This is a great example of how Exro continues to innovate and find new integrated solutions for our core technologies as the EV market continues to evolve.”

The Exro team will continue developing the Coil Driver to see if it can be used as a grid-connected power storage option to send power back if necessary for resiliency and V2G application.